New Year Resolutions

Just got back from a trip visiting family in Spain. Relying on my iPod touch for net access but I was unable to blog in any sensible way at all. Couldn’t create posts on Blogger for some reason I’m not quite sure of. I have a few posts I wrote anyway…
My new year resolutions include…

  • Read more. I used to read at least a paper a day during my PhD. Some PDF counting last year showed me I had averaged 3 per week over the last 10 years. I think I could get back to 1 per day with a bit of determination. I must concentrate the effort a little bit more though, no more reading up on snail biogeography just because I’ve found a cool one at the beach.
  • Sort out my electronic lab book system (I’m still testing, future post on this).
  • Add more to Wikipedia, especially species, and get into the habit of taking and posting images to Wikimedia.
  • Reread the Origin of Species (its been too many years)
  • Celebrate Darwin year!

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