Jobs at EvoHull

We have two jobs open at the moment in the Hull Evolutionary Genetics group @EvoHull. Both are, I think, quite exciting; not your standard postdoc positions and the group is looking forward to getting two new colleagues.

1-Year Lectureship in Evolutionary Biology

This is maternity cover for Dr Domino Joyce. You will be covering teaching in evolution, ecology, genetics and similar. All the teaching is already prepared, but you can modify and improve as much as you wish. You will be strongly encouraged to be part of the dynamic EvoHull group, that has regular lab meetings, journal clubs, workshops and the like. Its a really fun place to work and you could get  great experience, not just with university teaching but also research and forge new collaborations. This position could really improve your CV when applying for permanent lectureships! Feel free to discuss the position with Domino Joyce or me. Closing date 10th April 2014. Apply here:

2-Year Bioinformatics Research Fellow in Evolutionary and Environmental Genomics

This is an exciting new Research Fellow position for a bioinformatician to work with staff in Evolutionary and Environmental Genomics. We are looking to work with a bioinformatics colleague and scientist, this is not a technical post. We have quite a number of projects, most already with data, on which you could take the lead. We would additionally welcome the development of new projects in collaboration with staff in the group. We anticipate that for the right candidate this could be a very productive fellowship in terms of publications and collaborations. We know that there are  a lot of  positions open for bioinformaticians at the moment, but something that stands this opportunity apart is that its a fellowship not a technical position. You will be treated as a colleague, get to choose form a range of projects, build research collaborations, and develop your own interests alongside the core projects. This is great position for someone who has existing genomic bioinformatics skills, is a first rate scientist, and likes writing lots of papers. Please feel free to discuss the position with me. Closing date Sunday 24th April 2014. Job advert here, apply here:

Other positions

We regularly have postdoc positions to advertise, but if you would like to be pro-active we would love to hear from you. Have a look at the staff on the website and get in touch. Several of us have projects that you could adapt to your own tastes. Our department has a great track record of really supporting fellows (several of whom have gone on to permanent positions) so if you would like to apply for an independent fellowship to work here, make contact and we can help you to develop it (and help you through the bureaucracy too).



School of Biological Biomedical and Environmental Sciences, University of Hull, UK

Hull named in Sunday Times ‘best cities’ list 🙂

EvoHull group website

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