Why Blog?

Why am I writing a blog? To be honest the reasons for writing change with time, but at the moment…

  • Its theraputic.
  • I am a big supporter of open access publishing and open source software. So extrapolating I suppose random blog-like thoughts are more beneficial out in the open than sitting on my hard drive.
  • I’ve learnt a lot of stuff reading blogs recently, maybe I can contribute too.

Since this is my first post maybe predictions about what will be on this blog are going to be inaccurate. But its likely to focus on bioinformatics and phylogenetics (I’m especially interested in really large scale phylogenetics), evolutionary biology, maybe some informatics and technology, open source software.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Rod Page says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere! Over the last couple of years I’ve probably learnt more from blogs than from the published literature. I also find it a useful way to keep notes, particularly if you have an idea that you don’t have time to flesh out just now, but may come back to (or discover that somebody has already thought of it).


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